Rail Transport


A great advantage of the railway system is the stability in prices, load capacity greater than a truck and it is highly efficient for bulk merchandise.

DPR CARGO offers the best logistic service for your cargo between the railways and collection and delivery points of your shipments in order to combine maritime and land modalities.

We use the railway option to reduce transportation costs using the best transportation companies for the best handling of your cargo and the greatest safety during your journey.


The railway freight transport is safe, ecological, fast, stable and punctual. Rail freight transport offers solutions and alternatives that optimize and improve the supply chain. DPR CARGO professionals efficiently manage the transport of goods by rail with the aim of generating added value to their supply chain.

Rail transport is an excellent option for the movement of your cargo as it has many advantages such as:

  • Flexibility: Possibility of acceptance of large and small volumes of goods under the door-to-door service regime.
  • Security: It is the means of transport with the lowest loss rate.
  • Lower energy consumption and, therefore, lower emissions.
  • Lower operating costs (in certain operating ranges).
  • Higher transport capacity in relation to investment.
  • Increased possibilities of automation.
  • Less use of resources per unit transported.

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